What is Inspired Parenting

The dictionary defines inspired as ‘aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something by or as if by supernatural or divine influence’. “Inspired parenting” is, for me, the type of parenting we do when we connect to something bigger than ourselves, when we become clear channels through which pours unconditional love. The company Inspired Parenting is the coaching practice I have set up to help you parent like that.Adult and child hand hold

Old fashion parenting, by Marion

I have learned (and continue learning!) to parent that way highly influenced by the Aware Parenting philosophy, so the ideas underpinning my Parenting Coaching are based on it. Aware Parenting is a child rearing approach developed by Doctor Aletha Solter.  Aletha is a developmental psychologist, author of five books and is recognised internationally as an expert on attachment, trauma, and non-punitive discipline. Her philosophy is based on research in the fields of attachment, child development, psychotherapy, cross-cultural studies, and the neurobiology of trauma. It questions most traditional assumptions about children and proposes a new approach that can profoundly shift a parent’s relationship with his or her child. By following this approach, children grow to be mature, caring, emphatic, resilient, compassionate, strong, sensitive, loving, generous, peaceful, contributing human beings.

This is not an approach for everyone. In order for Inspired Parenting to be useful to you, you need to resonate to its principles; the basic beliefs underpinning its theory have to make sense in your heart. It is also a challenging approach, because it requires us, the adults, to look at our unresolved stuff, which is painful. We need courage and support to do that. If you resonate with what you read and want any kind of support in your parenting journey, I am here to offer it to you. Get in touch!

For more information, go to Resources and you will find plenty to explore. Alternatively,  contact me and find out if Inspired Parenting can help you in your life!


What I offer


Free newsletters and parenting articles

I write a monthly newsletter called “Reflections” in which I reflect on my parenting journey. Every now and then, I also write little anecdotes of my life as a mother, which I publish as “Parenting diary”. You can read them on my Articles page.

I can’t thank you enough. This has fallen in my lap at the PERFECT time. Just as I was daily calling out to the universe for HELP! My boys are one and three. Lately the 3 year old is trying our patience in a whole new way… I don’t have to explain to you… you get it! Anyhow what I really wanted to say is that you are such an excellent writer. Truly amazing. I really can’t recall the last time I read something so articulate. And you’re so completely honest. That takes courage and is the key to your success. It’s in those painfully honest confessions that you gain the trust of your reader and also make them relate to you! Well done. Everything looks slick on your website. I devoured as much as I could read and signed up for your monthly newsletter. I’ll be getting a few of my girlfriends to do the same. We all need more reminders of how to be kinder to ourselves and our children (and husbands!) I am so grateful that I came across your site and I intend to reference it and share it with friends. THANK YOU! Sarah, Victoria

If you like, you can receive the newsletter directly to your inbox every month by signing up on the Sign up page. Alternatively, you can get email notifications every time new posts appear on my Articles page by going to the bottom of any of the articles already published, and signing up for free alerts. There you can choose to be alerted about new “Reflections” or “Parenting Diary” posts, or both!

Thank you for your constant snippets of wisdom that you share.  I’m glad to have met you and can share in your parenting journey, if only at a distance. You give me new perspectives when I’m feeling too tired to find them for myself.  Thanks again. Vanessa, Murwillumbah


Individual sessions

Comforting hands
I offer consultations at my place, your place, or through Skype. This sessions can be with just one of the parents, with both parents, with children or without them, depending on what is needed.

Investment: $60 to $100 per session (1 to 1.5 hours)

To book a consultation, go to contact and fill in the contact form.


I read Maira’s newsletter and have asked her several times for some clarity and support in my relationship with my son of 10 years old. I am amazed at Maira’s passion for returning to Love in all circumstances brought by life. In this instance motherhood. When all the storms of past hurts come in play, it is easy to project on our children and not easy to see through them. Maira offers tools and asks the right questions. She uses her own experience and shares beautifully her realisations and healing in her newsletter. It is a work of Love and Self discovery. Thank you so much, Maira. Françoise, Glastonbury.


Support groupsParent support groups

These are small support groups for parents, without the children. They have between 4 and 6 participants to allow everyone a chance to share and ask questions. The groups meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly for an hour or two, depending on the participant´s needs and desires.

Working in a group allows for everyone to learn and be inspired from each other’s journeys, since we all encounter similar themes in our family lives.
Parenting community


If you would like to explore participating in a parent support group,

click here to register your expression of interest.



Talks and workshops


Aware Parenting Introductory talks


Parenting paradigms are changing. Yet, among the dozens and dozens of new parenting styles and advice, we often find only half satisfactory answers.

mother-child red heartCome to hear about Aware Parenting. It questions most traditional assumptions about children and proposes a new approach that can profoundly shift a parent’s relationship with their child. It will bring more connection, fun and ease into your family. It will give you a deep and clear understanding of challenging behaviour, and tools to solve compassionately at its root, rather than treating just the symptoms. It will give you playful ideas to encourage cooperation, and loving yet effective alternatives to punishment. It will give you a simple guide to navigate and deepen, not only the relationships with your children, but with everyone in your life.

This talk is a 45 minutes overview of the basics, with lots of space afterwards for your questions and comments. It basically explains how emotions are viewed in Aware Parenting, the neuroscience of stress in babies and children, plus how we can better support ourselves as parents, as well as our children, to recover from stress, daily upsets and trauma. It includes a quick overview of other Aware Parenting topics like reasons for challenging behaviour, Attachment Play and non-punitive discipline. It invites parents to consider ways in which they can create better connection to their children and to themselves.

To find out about upcoming talks and workshops, go to the Events page.


Benefits you’ll gain from using Inspired Parenting

  • Listening, understanding and support with your parenting challenges.Baby feet, hands, heart
  • Easy ideas to bring more joy, laughter, fun and ease into your family life.
  • A revolutionary approach that will help you resolve child raising challenges from their very root.
  • A way of parenting that will help you grow with your children.
  • A philosophy which makes sense of the challenging feelings that often arise in your relationship with your child, and brings a powerful sense of clarity.
  • A collection of tools which will help you heal your childhood wounds, so that you don’t pass them on to your children, breaking the cycle of pain passed down the generations.
  • Concepts which will inspire you to be the best of yourself in every area of your life.
  • A way to tap into your ability to love in a truly unconditional way.
  • A guide to raise mature, caring, emphatic, resilient, compassionate, strong, sensitive, loving, generous, contributing human beings.



Warrior of the heart, Gabrielle Roth