Aware Parenting resources:

Aware Parenting official site:

Aletha Solter’s books:
– The Aware Baby
– Helping young children flourish
– Tears and Tantrums, what to do when babies and children cry
– Attachment Play, how to solve children behaviour problems with play, laughter and connection
– Raising drug-free kids, 100 tips for parents


The Aware Baby  Helping Young Children Flourish   Tears and tantrums   Attachment Play   Raising drug-free kids


Aware Parenting in different parts of the world:

There are now Aware Parenting instructors in 21 countries all over the world, and Aletha’s books have been published in several languages, too. Under the ‘Instructors’ tab of the Aware Parenting official page you’ll find a list of all the countries that have Certified Instructors. By clicking a country, the full list will come up with contact details for each one of them, including a website if they have one.


Aware Parenting Facebook groups, great to connect with other families and their journey:

– My Inspired Parenting Facebook group:
– AwP worldwide (beginners):
– AwP worldwide (advanced):
– AwP Australia:
– Aware Parenting in Switzerland:


Other inspiring resources aligned with Inspired Parenting:


  • “Playful Parenting”, by Lawrence J. Cohen
  • “Raising our children, raising ourselves”, by Naomi Aldort
  • “Hold on to your kids” by Gordon Neufeld
  • “Unconditional parenting” by Alfie Kohn


Playful parenting       Raising our children, Aldort   hold-on-to-your-kids   


The American organisation Hand in Hand Parenting runs programs of what they call “parenting by connection”. They also have a newsletter and in their site you can find lots of helpful and well written articles about parenting. The link to their site is: