My last newsletter!

Reflecting on my parenting journey, may you see yourself reflected.

My last newsletter!
June 2019



Hello, dear tribe!
After two years of home schooling, my children have decided to go back to school. In the space left in my life I have been re-discovering who I am and where do I want to go. I have been surprised to realise that much has changed in that time. My passion for Aware Parenting has grown into something new!

Please keep reading to hear about the the doors that are opening and those that are closing.

The new expression of my passion

Having struggled for those two years with setting Loving Limits, looking for deep connection to my children and their soul journey, loosing myself in the process and suffering from the feeling that I was not finding answers to any of it, I have become passionate about power. I have delved into it for the last few months with all sorts of courses, readings and daily practical exploration and have come up with something very exciting!
I see violence as the result of dysfunctional power, which is the kind of power that permeates most of our relationships.


I am passionate about finding our true power
 so we can stop the endless cycle of violence in the world.


For millennia we have had every possible variation on dysfunctional power: power-over from oppressors, power-under from victims, and the aggressive rebellion of the powerless which then, in turn, repeat and perpetuate the pattern of violence. This comes up in every level of our relationships as human beings, starting from the micro scale of families and then expressing itself into societies and the macro scale of nations; it also comes up in every arena of our relating: our relationship with ourselves, parenting, education, peer, work and romantic relationships.
I believe that change starts with individuals. As my friend Loren puts it in his song, ‘the revolution is inside’. My passion is helping people heal their powerlessness wounds and find their true power within, the power-with. For that purpose, I have created an introductory talk called “Understanding Power”, which a taster of my “Empowerment” workshop that, in turn, can be the starting point of my ‘Empowerment’ ongoing support groups!
I am very excited about it all and would love your support, if you feel moved, in any of the following ways:


  1. Going to my new fb ( page, giving it a thumbs up and following me if you feel inspired.
  2. Indicating if you’d be interested in any of my new offerings. You can do so by replying to this email or going to my fb page. Those of you who live locally and are curious about it, check out my upcoming talks and workshop!
  3. Having a look at my new website ( and telling me what you think, especially regarding the wording of ideas. It is new to me to be talking about these concepts and I find I don’t have a defined vocabulary to express them. Hearing what you resonate with and what not would be very helpful!
  4. Making any suggestions of places I might offer my gifts or people I might be interested in getting to know on a professional capacity.
  5. Sharing my offerings in your own networks!
  6. Supporting me with Instagram. I am currently having trouble with my Instagram page (, so if you are technology savvy and feel drawn to offer some help, it would be gratefully appreciated. 
  7. Telling me what you feel after reading what I have wrote in this newsletter.
  8. Sharing if you have challenges in your life relating to power (like finding it tiring to get your kids to do what you want them to do; being at times overcome by anger that is more destructive than useful; wrestling sometimes with procrastination, guilt or depression; tending to push yourself in order to achieve things in life; arguing with your partner more than you’d like or experiencing power struggles at work) and what helps you deal with them.

In this new phase of my professional life I have decided not to write newsletters anymore. I will post in social media instead, either little posts or videos. So this is my good bye to you all! Thank you so much for the part you played in my Inspired Parenting journey. I hope you join me in my Empowerment & End-of-struggle journey!
With huge love and appreciation for what you do for the little ones in your life…


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Inspired Parenting Glossary

True Power: 
Power is a huge subject in my life. In order to explore it, I have gathered a whole vocabulary of power-related terms, borrowed from personal growth environments where this subject is looked at for healing purposes. For example, a Power-over situation, used to refer that moment where someone uses their power to coerce another into doing something they don’t want to. This can happen in the most blatant ways with the use of aggression (bullying, hitting, verbal abuse, etc.) to the most subtle ones. The other side of coin to a Power-over situation is a Power-under situation, which is the same moment but seen from the point of view of the coerced person: they are being put in the overpowered (bullied, abused, chastised, threatened, punished…) side of the equation. From those terms derives the term Power-with, referring to the situation or relationship that respects and empowers all involved. I call this Gentle Power.

Loving Limits:
A term created by Marion Rose to describe the pairing of gentle empathy with a clear limit, in a loving and connected manner. In both our behaviour and language, we communicate a combination of a deep sense of unconditional love and acceptance (with statements like: ‘I see that you’re upset, I see that you really want that, I’m here, I love you, I’m listening, I’m sorry I wasn’t here to help’) with a limit to a behaviour (for example: ‘I won’t let you have any more, I’m not willing for you to, I am not going to allow this right now, mummy says no’). For more on Loving Limits, read Marion Rose’s article




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