Aware Parenting jargon used against me 8/4/15

Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh. My kids were having a bath together and things were getting a bit crazy. Several warnings later, two thirds of the content of the bath was on the bathroom floor, the puddle spilling under the doors onto the carpet beyond. I became impatient. Nothing like the anger that used to spill out of me years ago, but still snappy. My daughter began telling me off for not being more loving. On a tone of “it’s your entire fault, and this is what you get for it”, she ended up with a final sentence: ‘If you would have been more centered, I could have had a tantrum!’

Two Girls Playing In Bath Together

She has learned to hold her uncomfortable emotions in with such skill that helping her reach a point where she can release her tears is quite a feat. She knows that, and she knows it’s better out than in. From her point of view, I had ruined a perfect occasion. But hearing the AwP jargon used “against” me like that, I couldn’t help it but laugh. She didn’t like it, but it certainly yanked me out of my grumpy state. I felt compassion towards my lack of awareness, and admiration for her abundance of it. My children are definitely my biggest teachers…


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